Baldwins Rendering g and Plastering believe that the effective management of environmental issues is essential to the continued success of our business. It is our responsibility to ensure to the best of their ability that environmental compliance is achieved and maintained throughout the project.

We recognise that our business activities may have environmental implications and we therefore follow a policy designed to minimise environmental impact and damage. Our operations will be managed and organised so as to minimise as far as is resonably practical, environmental damage caused by noise, dust and damage to ground water and drainage systems. In pursuance of this policy, environmental considerations will be taken into account when tendering.

All our personnel and others working on site, have a responsibility to carry out their work giving due care and attention to environmental issues and implications.

Management objectives and targets are established and reviewed on a regular basis to implement the Environmental Policy based on the following principles:

• Prevention of pollution

• Minimisation of energy and material usage and the production of waste

• Effective and responsible waste management and disposal

• Promoting product reuse and recycling

• Maintaining high workforce awareness of environmental issues

• Involving suppliers, contractors and customers in environmental initiatives

This Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees and made available to the public on request. The involvement of its workforce and external interested and affected parties in its Environmental Policy is encouraged by the organisation through effective communication procedures.